Jonathan Asher – Portrait and Landscape artist based in Norwich, Norfolk

Cartoons/Caricatures by Jonathan Asher

Professional footballer Garry Nelson

Nowadays I mostly paint portraits and landscapes, but for many years I was mainly in demand for informal cartoon/caricature commissions. I’ve produced substantial numbers depicting all types of people in various situations, and they’ve been great fun to do (although I have landed in trouble with the odd one!).

A small selection from the past is shown here.

Click on any of the cartoons/caricatures to view a bigger image.

NB If you click on the image of professional footballer Garry Nelson, on the right, you can read the story behind it too.

Dave Solicitors Frances Ashley and Kerry Mollie and Rudi Tractor pull

Caricatures by Jon Asher NH1 UN1 RW1 ES1 FN1 TH1 JF1 TH3 MH1 TH2 HE1 CT1 MM1 CM1 JM1 PA1 ND1 CB1 PG1 VG1 DC1 SE1 LS1 SC1

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